Compilation of "chad" material

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue Jan 23 21:17:49 UTC 2001

Doug Wilson asks in his Jan. 23 e-mail concerning his research on "chad":

>If I should recover solid information, might I consider publishing it
>somewhere? "American Speech"? "Notes and Queries"? Send it to Safire? Send
>it to Quinion? Anybody interested in collaborating?

    In reply: I am currently compiling all the ADS-L material on
"chad" for publication in the April issue of my _Comments on
Etymology_, a scholarly, non-profit series of working papers. Due
credit is given throughout the article to everyone whose material is

    If more material on "chad" emerges afterwards (as is very likely),
I will have follow-ups on "chad" in subsequent issues.

    Individual contributors retain the rights to their material and
may reprint it at their own discretion any time and anywhere they
choose. I'll be in touch with everyone whose material I incorporate
into the working paper (I suppose that's everyone who has sent an
ADS-L message on the subject).

    The working papers are received by various scholars,
lexicographers, and educated laymen. Ultimately they appear in formal
publications, but even in the working paper stage they receive

---Gerald Cohen

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