Grant Barrett gbarrett at MONICKELS.COM
Wed Jan 24 10:14:29 UTC 2001

We've discussed this Britishism before, but this comes from today's New York
Observer. What are the odds it's true?

"I recently found out the origin of the word naff. Now widely used in the U.K. to
mean "a depressing lack of style," naff was originally a gay slang acronym for "Not
Available For Fucking," i.e., "straight" (i.e., "dreary"). Naff is a great word with no
American translation. Remember, tacky means "cheap or glitzy," whereas naff is about
stylistic shortcomings which are horrifyingly average and pathetically un-groovy. Use
the word naff and become a connoisseur of naff. After all, it is a vanishing

Grant Barrett

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