Conversate and basically

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>Please continue to expose your prejudices about language on this
>list. I copy them down for folk linguistic work with great relish.
>I'm especially fond of particularly visceral reactions.


>It's yucky because it's not standard English, Beverly.  That doesn't
>necessarily make it bad or evil or the first step down the slippery slope to
>ruin for the language, but it does indicate that the speaker has neither the
>time nor the inclination to discover the traditional term which he or she is
>aiming for.  I find it charming and disarming in folks who've not had
>extended educational opportunities.  I find it disturbing and reprehensible
>and outright hilarious when it comes from folks who--I'm sorry to say
>it--should know better.
>Hey, I enjoy and love a fluid and lively language, one that is dynamic and
>open to change.  But this, at least for me, is not that type of change.
>It's just careless, and it smacks of the type of thinking that anytime one
>can add a syllable to a term, whether it's valid or not, it's good.  Our
>students don't need to see this type of hooey coming from either their
>fellows, who set themselves up as semi-experts when they become writers, or
>from the man who wants to become the nation's attorney general.  He should
>know better, as well.
>It's yucky.
>Sorry--I'm not feeling very tolerant today.
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>>  "Conversate" was used over a year ago by an African American columnist in
>>  our student newspaper.  What's yucky about it?
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