approximative VP adverbials

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At 11:35 AM 1/25/2001 EST, George Thompson wrote:
>        I have been struck by rather frequent occurences in the NYC
>newspapers of the 1820s of sentences constucted with "about" and a
>particicple, used when I would write "just about to".

The "about to" construction more familiar today is treated at OED2 about,
meaning 12, attested back to the 16th cent. The construction with a verbal
noun rather than the infinitive is treated as meaning 13, from late in the
18th cent.:

13. By further extension it is used with the verbal n. in the same sense.
1793 Smeaton Edystone Lightho. [sec.] 254 The season we were then about
1865 Carlyle Fredk. Gt. ix. 169 (1873) England seems about deserting him.
Ibid. 88 The celestial sign of the balance just about canting.

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