Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Jan 25 06:39:31 UTC 2001

At 1:45 PM -0500 1/25/01, Drew Danielson wrote:
>P2052 at AOL.COM wrote:
>>  It seems that there would be a distinction between re-create (make
>>  anew), as
>>  used in the example from Shakespeare, and recreate [rEK ri et], "take
>>  recreation."  Is there a difference in pronunciation?  PAT
>Whenever I crash a computer program I am using (e.g., anything from
>Microsoft), I try to /ri kri et'/ the circumstances that created the
>original problem before calling the computer folks at work.

I read the example from Shakespeare as involving the /'rE kri et/
sense of 'refreshing oneself' or 'chilling out', not as creating
oneself anew.  Clearly, the sense in your computer example involves
the transparent 'create again' sense that I'd pronounce with a /ri/
and spell with a hyphen, which I wouldn't for Shakespeare's.

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