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In Greek slang "fish" is the label used for anyone who is new. LIKE A FISH
OUT OF WATER. After a few trials, the old timers (:military, college, a
group of people, the regular customers of a coffee shop etc) determine
whether the "fish" is a "big fish" meaning he is a "fish ... big time" or
he's not a fish at all (because he knows better and more). A "fish" is
someone who doesn't fight back (no hands to fight back) and/or someone who
trembles (like a fish out of water).


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At Texas A&M, calling freshmen "fish" seems to derive from the vocabulary of
the Corps of Cadets:

Because of A&M's long history as a military school--and the originally
military traditions that have been enthusiastically adopted by the entire
student body--almost everyone knows at least some "Corps-speak."

Elizabeth Gregory
Texas A&M University

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Texas A&M Univ has "fish camp" for students before their freshman year.

Cynthia Bernstein
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  Any ideas on where the prison term "fish" for the new man on the
cell-block originated?
  Thank you very much,
  Susan Gilbert

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