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Alexandria Digital Literature Patron Newsletter, January 2001,
Issue #2

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Hello, Everyone.

This week we're pleased to draw your attention to Inscriptions
Magazine's four-star review of _Sleeping Planet_ by
William R. Burkett, Jr.  Of course, we at AlexLit already know
that we have fabulous stories by talented authors, but it's nice to
let someone else do the bragging for us.  And speaking of talented
writers, in this issue we're happy to announce that AlexLit has
a new novel available from A. R. Morlan, one of our favorite
horror authors.

On a (nearly) completely unrelated subject, it has come to my
attention that our vocabularies are falling victim to Darwinism.
Darwin himself pointed out that "[t]he survival or preservation
of certain favoured words in the struggle for existence is natural
selection."  In a small effort to stem the flow of words into oblivion,
and in honor of Lewis Carroll's birthday, I've founded The Society
For the Preservation of the Bandersnatch (SFPB).
Contributions can be sent directly to me.

As always,
Happy reading!

Emily Larson,
scribe at

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