Covert Charge/Cats/Chops

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jan 28 02:31:29 UTC 2001

Gareth Branwyn :
>My wife (the jazz singer) came home from a gig the other night with a
>question she wanted me to address to the list: A patron told her that in
>one of the episodes of Ken Burn's Jazz, there is a sign that's visible on
>the door of a club that says: "No Minimum or Covert Charges." This person
>asked my wife if, despite the obvious, "cover charge" might come
>from "covert charge." Seems unlikely, but I told her I'd ask.

I have no knowledge on this, but the association of 'covert charge' and
'cover charge' is the sort of thing rather educated native English speakers

'Cover' and 'covert' are differently stressed. I don't see how 'k at -v@r' and
'ko-VURT' could possibly be confused -- except in the minds of us'uns, those
of us here on this list who search out ancient Scandic cognates for 'boxer

A cover charge is essentially an admission charge, to cover the overhead,
one that goes hand-in-hand with the idea that menu prices should otherwise
be kept within reason. A covert charge would be uncontracted-for (but you
gotta pay them) charges.
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