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Let me back Barry up on this, sort of in honor of Super Bowl Sunday,
America's great pop culture orgy:

I spent a lot of years in Michigan and Ohio, and had many friends who were
rabid fans of Ohio State or Michigan football.  I remember the Michigan
folks (one of whom used to lead the marching band when he was a student
there, and went to all the games), used to refer to the team as "Blue" (they
are sometimes called "the Maize and Blue" for the team colors), and during
Ohio State games they would scream at the TV things like "C'mon Blue!"  I
don't recall "Big Blue" from these folks, at least if they said it, I didn't
stick with me.  But it's sort of a natural combo, esp. for a football team.

I noticed "Big Blue" for the NY (or NJ) Giants when I came to the Northeast.
It is their standard nickname here, certainly from the early 80s at least.

Frank Abate

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> I'm in love with a big blue frog.
> A big blue frog loves me.
> --Peter, Paul and Mary
>    The RHHDAS has two entries for "Big Blue."  One is IBM, which is dated
to 1984.  The other is the University of Michigan football team, which is
dated to only 1987.
>    Isn't the RHHDAS missing another "Big Blue" football team?  That team
would be, oh, they play in a large metropolitan area, let me think...
>    They definitely were "Big Blue" in the 1980s, with those two others.
The term "Big Blue" itself probably goes as far back as the sea and the sky.
>    FWIW:

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