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Wed Jan 31 09:08:03 UTC 2001

Beverly Flanigan wrote:

Mike Salovesh  wrote:

>>This thread has reached respectable length, yet nobody has mentioned
>>that Chicago has been an outpost of initial "sh" in "schedule" for about
>>half a century.  This is largely the result of Eric P. Hamp's valiant
>>tenacity in siding with sh. Hamp's dedication to SH while all the world
>>around him uses S merits recognition and congratulation almost as much
>>as his better-known contributions to linguistics.

> And why would Hamp's promotion of /SH/ "merit recognition and
> congratulation"?  I assume you're just joshing. . . .

Good heavens, no -- in the distinguished company of ADS-L, I wouldn't

I've admired Eric ever since I took his "Introduction to linguistics"
course in 1955, and I'm perfectly willing to use any excuse to
congratulate him.

What's really valiant about Eric's retention of the SH schedule lies
precisely in the fact that he has been steadfast in his pronunciation
despite the fact that his is a lone voice in an ocean of SK.

That faithful service to a distant community of SH users surely is a
triumph of conviction in the face of massive opposition.

Lynne Murphy commented:

>I assume that by 'Chicago' you mean 'the University of Chicago' (or maybe
>'the Linguistics Department of the University of Chicago).  Hamp may be
>influential, but I doubt he's _that_ influential!

Contrariwise: The University of Chicago is densely (almost exclusively)
inhabited by contrarians.  "Chicago style debate" is based on the
premise that disagreement is the only proper road to wisdom.  At the U
of C, the greater the scholar, the greater the disagreement. Eric P.
Hamp constitutes a majority all by himself.  It's the fact that nobody
at The University of Chicago follows him in his SH schedule that proves
precisely how influential he is there.

When I said Chicago, I meant to be inclusive.  I wouldn't even object to
being interpreted as having said something about the entire Chicago
metropolitan area.
Hamp is the only half-century resident of Chicago I've ever met who uses
SH in schedule, but one case still makes a dot on a distribution map.

-- mike salovesh  <salovesh at>  PEACE !!!

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