Double Scoop

Wilcox, Rose (ZB5646) Rose.Wilcox at PINNACLEWEST.COM
Wed Jan 31 17:42:35 UTC 2001

Consider sorting on subject head (I think hotmail does this, but it's been a
long time since I had a hotmail address), reading all the related posts,
then replying.  Still a risk that you will miss a related post, since people
change subject headers all the time (except when it would be helpful to do
so), but then you can just blame them for changing the subject header.
I think hotmail also allows you to mark a bunch of emails and delete them
all at once, so following your reading binge (and erudite or pointed reply
to the subject), you could mark the entire thread and delete.

Forgive me if I remember hotmail capabilities incorrectly.  And continue
with your regularly scheduled life.


I suppose I could hit "Next" instead of "Delete" if I think I want to
respond, and read through all new messages before writing any replies. Any
insights on what the best way to proceed might be would be greatly

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