prescriptivism, conventions, &c.

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Wed Jan 31 18:49:07 UTC 2001

Beverly Flanigan writes:
>...'a hypercorrection, similar to the spread of "whomever" after every
>preposition even if it functions as a subject (heard twice just yesterday,
>on NPR and TV news)..... Has anyone else noticed the (seemingly)
>increasing use of "whom" generally in the media? '<

Indeed, yes.   Another hypercorrection  of the reverse kind that I not only
hear but see in print increasingly is: "So-&-so and I"  instead of "So-&-s0
and me"  as objects of verbs or  prepositions. "She spoke to Bob and
I"...."He invited Mary and I."  The "and" seems to kick in a reflexive
*don't-use-/me/*  that I attribute to ill-understood corrections  from
A. Murie

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