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Given the increasing notoriety of DoS or Denial of Service attacks, it
might be worthwhile noting that 'packeted' is a word used by hackers.  I
think that it is a relatively new use of the word, even though packeted,
as such, has been around for a while.  Corrections welcome.

>From the following site:
http://grc.com/dos/grcdos.htm  The author, Steve Gibson, is not a nebie
to the practice of hacking.

"'Wicked's' response was to team up with two other hackers, all of whom
tend and manage large fleets of 'IRC Attack Bots'.  They launched a
concerted and extended 'packet attack' against grc.com.  In the slang
that I learned while monitoring their many conversations, they
'packeted' us. They did this, not using any tool they had written, and
not possessing the ability to create such a tool themselves, but using a
powerful 'IRC Bot' that had been passed around extensively.  Neither
Wicked nor his friends know who wrote it or even where it came from."

"if you are being packeted" is found at:

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