Mushroom-and-Barley Soup (Polish "Krupnik")

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Mon Jun 4 04:52:50 UTC 2001

   Well, I saw _one_ number from THE PRODUCERS.


   I ran across "mushroom-and-barley" soup in a Clementine Paddleford food column.  OED is revising "m," but has nothing anywhere for "mushroom-and-barley soup."
   The Polish cookery volume in the Hippocrene international cookbook series is OLD POLISH TRADITIONS (1981) by Maria Lemnis & Henryk Vitry.  "Polish Krupnik," a soup containing both mushrooms and barley, is on pg. 32.
   The first citation in the publication AMERICAN COOKERY is June/July 1924-May 1925: "Soup, Mushroom-and-Barley, Lenten...593."
   OED doesn't have "krupnik," either.
   I'll more fully look for both "krupnik" and "mushroom-and-barley" at another time, or by request.


   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 28 January 1937, pg. 16, col. 3:

   _Professor Louis Mangin_
_Discoverer of "Microscopic_
   _Mushroom" Dies in Paris_
   PARIS, Jan. 27 (UP).--Professor Louis Mangin, a cryptogamist known for his discovery of the "microscopic mushroom," died today.  He was eighty-four years old.

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