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Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 4 18:10:27 UTC 2001

A couple things have not yet be said.

First, does *anyone* (e.g., Bob Barr) for a moment think the status of
English in the US is somehow 'threatened'? As compared to, say, French in

Barr's bill is unlikely to pass, but has succeeded in one of its goals, that
of riling up the liberals.

A better response would be to publish the names of Bob Barr's corporate
campaign contributors, and suggest they are anti-Hispanic, anti-foreign
language, and that they don't want non-English-speakers' business,
especially that of the Jeb & Columba Bush types. I really would like to hear
Jeb Bush's views on Barr's bill.

Interestingly, Senator Gramm is pushing legislation to essentially fling
open the doors to Mexico to wide-open immigration of 'guest workers'.
Interestingly, not a dime would be appropriated to beef up the INS or the
border patrol: the conclusion is that the conservatives want to greatly
increase the number of Spanish-speaking 'illegals' in the US.

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