Bagels & Lox (1939); Jewish Dishes (1899); Vegetarian Restaurant (1897)

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> BAGELS & LOX (continued)
>     From the American Memory database of the Library of Congress, 17
> 1939:
>     Dis strike.  It ain't lox an bagels.
>  (Merriam-Webster has "lox" in 1941, as does the OED--ed.)

The OED2 has the first citation for "bagel" as 1932 and the first citation
for "beigel" as 1919 and the first citation for "beuglich" as 1892.

1) According to several Web sites, a firm known as "Lender's Bagel Bakery"
was founded in 1927 in New Haven, Connecticut by a man named Harry Lender.
(According to URL, the firm
was named "Lender's Beigel Bakery" and was in West Haven, Connecticut.)  This
firm was eventually bought out by Kraft, which continues to market bagels
under the brand-name "Lender's".

2) Several Web sites state that in 1907 a group of bagel bakers formed an
organization knows as the "International Beigel Bakers' Union" in New York
City (one Web site says it was called merely "International Bakers' Union"
and another says the spelling was "Bagel")

Would it be possible for one of our New Haven correspondents to check out the
1927 date for Lender's Bagel/Beigel Bakery and at least find out what the
spelling was?  (Note: my atlas shows that West Haven is a city adjacent to
New Haven.)

Among the "several Web sites" mentioned above are

This is as far as I have been able to go with an Internet search.

                                      - Jim Landau (who is annoyed because
his family ate
                                                           all the bagels he
bought yesterday)

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