all y'all

Mark Klan mskd28 at HOME.COM
Mon Jun 4 23:19:16 UTC 2001

I believe there was a discussion on the list recently of the use of "all
y'all".  I experienced a nice example of it this weekend, while we were
visiting my mother-in-law in Huntsville, Ala.

My m-in-law, wife & I, and two kids were sitting in the back yard, when I
saw the elderly neighbor lady tinkering in her back yard.  She could not
see all of us clearly (and vice versa) because of the bushes along the
fence.  She called out "Hey all y'all", and we "hey'd" back at her.  I
believe she used "all y'all" rather than just "y'all" to be extra friendly and
inclusive of everyone in the back yard, not just the ones she could see.

Mark (Acoustic Music Webtools)
mskd28 at

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