Bob Barr

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 5 04:13:58 UTC 2001

It gets worse than this. Bob Barr was among the 'outed' during the Clinton
impeachment. He and (one of) his ex-wives jointly decided to abort their
baby. Mr. Barr is well-known for his anti-abortion stance. Mr. Barr seems to
have paid to abort the baby of his lawfully-wedded wife. At the time of the
impeachment outing, Mr. Barr seems to have said this was an ok thing. I
imagine all Republicans are really closet abortionists. Rev. Pat Robertson
(a Pentecostal) has recently agreed with the Red Chinese that forced
birth-control abortions are a good thing. Yes, Pat Robertson really did
affirm this.

Hoo-whee. These Republican family values are repulsive to this so-called
liberal Democrat.

> > Bob Barr is the congressman who, among other things, was a strong
> > of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. He has been married three or
> > times.
>Now let me get this straight.  You say Bob Barr is a supporter of the
>"Defense of Marriage" act, which, IIRC, came out against same-sex
>yet he's been married several times??????  I know this is awfully OT for
>this group, but it *does* sound awfully peculiar, to say the least.
>Anne G

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