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Paul Frank paulfrank at POST.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Jun 5 09:50:43 UTC 2001

 But I do enjoy listening to your -- or, rather,
> y'all's -- learned exchanges and would hate to be shut out of here. Please
> let me stay. I do have a question: what makes you think that professional
> linguists are better qualified to speak -- speak intelligently, that is --
> about official English laws than sociologists, political scientists, legal
> scholars, journalists, or lesser fry like me? That said, I'd like to thank
> you for your informative essay on The English Language Unity Act
> of 2001. I
> was a pleasure to read.

Oops. IT was a pleasure to read. If you want to pass a law forcing posters
to read their messages before hitting the send button, I'm all for it.

Paul Frank
English translation from Chinese, German,
French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
Business, law, and the social sciences
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