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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Jun 5 03:03:54 UTC 2001

At 11:11 AM +0200 6/5/01, Paul Frank wrote:
>  > It's too bad that repspondents to this list who have only public
>>  rpress and hearsay information are unwilling to even consider
>>  professional and scientific results, but we made the list for the
>>  public, and, if that's what you want, we'll stick to it, but I am now
>>  even more convinced that this should be a professional list; I spend
>>  a goodly portion of my professional life working on just such
>>  misperceptions and misinformation; I'd like to have a professional
>>  home to keep clear of opinions which I can read every day in my
>>  home-town newspaper. I suggest we bring the matter of access to this
>>  list up for discussion again.
>>  dInIs
>>  Dennis R. Preston
>>  Department of Linguistics and Languages
>>  Michigan State University
>... That said, I'd like to thank
>you for your informative essay on The English Language Unity Act of 2001. I
>was a pleasure to read.

It was indeed, but we should keep our Dennises straight--i.e.
remember how to tell a Dennis from a dInIs.   The essay was by Dennis
Baron, not Preston, although I'm sure the latter would endorse the
former's petition.


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