Bob Barr

Tue Jun 5 18:10:50 UTC 2001


> It gets worse than this. Bob Barr was among the 'outed' during the Clinton
> impeachment. He and (one of) his ex-wives jointly decided to abort their
> baby. Mr. Barr is well-known for his anti-abortion stance. Mr. Barr seems
> have paid to abort the baby of his lawfully-wedded wife. At the time of
> impeachment outing, Mr. Barr seems to have said this was an ok thing. I
> imagine all Republicans are really closet abortionists. Rev. Pat Robertson
> (a Pentecostal) has recently agreed with the Red Chinese that forced
> birth-control abortions are a good thing. Yes, Pat Robertson really did
> affirm this.

(Raised eyebrows here!Well, this is getting really OT, but if Barr and his
ex-wife agreed to an abortion, then  Barr turned around and said with a
straight face abortion is bad(or something along the same lines), and we
should outlaw it(or something similar), why are people listening to this
idiotic hypocrite about making English the "official" language?  You don't
have to be a "liberal"(or whatever) to see that something, somewhere,
doesn't add up.
Anne G

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