linguistic degeneration (again)

James Smith jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 6 17:30:04 UTC 2001

--- Herb Stahlke <hstahlke at GW.BSU.EDU> wrote:
> Ron's obviously right on the matter of linguistic
> degeneration.  However, strong, pointed words do
> lose their point by overuse.   If Seinfeld had been
> on TV 50 years ago, he probably wouldn't have used
> the term "soup nazi".  It would have been too
> inflammatory.  Now it's just mildly funny.  We speak
> regularly of collaborators.  50 years ago that was a
> heavily loaded word.  One could argue that the same
> thing is happening to racist and xenophobe, although
> I still find them pretty strong.
> Herb

In the same vein but on a lighter side, does "sexy"
have anything to do with sex anymore?

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