Samosa (1932)

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   Two more cites to add to that 1934 one.

by Mulk Raj Anand
Desmond Harmsworth, London

Pg. 92:
   When made with dal (lentils) observe the same process as for Dal Puris, except that the flat pieces of dough are not reflattened after the lentils have been added, but are made into a triangular shape and fried.  But the samosas may be made with prawns, and then the process is as follows: Take
   1/2 lb. ordinary flour.
   1/2 lb. prawns.
   1/2 lb. lard.
   A small onion (sliced).
   1 tablespoonful curry powder.
   1 teaspoonful salt.
   Shell the prawns.  Cut off the heads and tails and mince the prawns very fine.
(Pg. 93--ed.)
   Fry sliced onion in a little butter with curry powder and put the minced prawns to fry in the mixture.
   Knead the flour into a dough with a little butter and a little water.  Make medium-sized puffs out of it and fill them with the curried prawns.  Close the edges carefully.
   Boil the lard in a deep pan and fry the puffs to a brown colour.
   Samosas may be made by filling the dough with mashed potatoes.
   Sweet Samosas may be made by filling the puffs with Halwa, for which see SWEETS (p. 95).

Dalda Advisory Service, Bombay

Pg. 64:  (SAMOSAS photo--ed.)

Pg. 65:
INGREDIENTS: (a) Filling as for Curry puffs. (b)
Covering: 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1 cup refined flour, salt to taste, Dalda.
METHOD:  Mix flours and salt together.  Rub in 3 (Col. 2--ed.) teaspoons Dalda.  Prepare dough.  Roll out lightly into rounds about 3" in diameter.  Cut rounds in half and form into cones.  Damp edges and press together.  Fill and press down open edge.  Deep fry light brown in Dalda.

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