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Could the popular mind (which we know is not just a little unlike the
linguistic one) confuse "coinage" with "first written use"? In fact,
aren't they even abetted in this from time to time by etymologists
(who, of course, know better but are justifiably wary of nonprint


>In tomorrow's "On Language" column, William Safire contacts Ted Nelson,
>the coiner of the term "hypertext."  Nelson tells Safire that "the coinage
>was in an August 1965 paper by Nelson titled 'A File Structure for the
>Complex, the Changing and the Indeterminate.'"
>In fact, "hypertext" appeared earlier in 1965.  In the Vassar Miscellany
>News, 3 Feb. 1965, there was an article entitled "Prof. Nelson Talk
>Analyzes P.R.I.D.E."  This article includes the following passage:
>He introduced the concept of the hyper-text, which would be a more
>flexible, more generalized, non-linear presentation of material on a
>particular subject.  The educational possibilities in the use of the
>hyper-text are vast.
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