Strategery: Power Walk; Trial-in-a-Box; Penny Jumping

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Sun Jun 10 05:50:22 UTC 2001

   Greetings from the Amsterdam Airport, on my way to Vilnius...Yes, that's the reason for GPS in cabs.  It can advertise the business it passes.


   From Condoleezza Rice profile in the Friday WALL STREET JOURNAL, 8 June 2001, pg. A16, col. 2:

   In addition to their 40 minutes each morning on national-security issues and occasional "power walks," Ms. Rice travels regularly with Mr. Bush.  (...)
   Mr. Rove invited Ms. Rice to join the weekly "strategery" meetings on long-term White House planning.


   I don't know if Fred Shapiro has this or not.
   From a story on the $3 billion tobacco case in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 8 June 2001, pg. B1, col. 4:

   That material is all available to other plaintiffs' lawyers, online and elsewhere, for use in what is termed a "trial-in-a-box."


   Also in the WSJ, 8 June 2001, pg. C14, col. 3:

_NYSE Votes to Curb_
_"Penny Jumping" Trades_

(I covered this before.  "Clean crosses" are also described--ed.)


   From the FINANCIAL TIMES, June 9-10, 2001, pg. 24, col. 7:

   Whether they call it "social venturing" or "venture philanthropy," (Col. 8--ed.) these big givers are looking for more engagement in the causes they support. (...)  In contrast to what Collier calls the "spray and pray" approach to philanthropy in which donors give a little to a lot of causes.

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