"hard enough" = "sure enough" (1913)

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Jun 10 18:08:38 UTC 2001

    I've just come across "hard enough" in the meaning of "sure
enough"--something I had never seen or heard before.  It appears in
the newspaper _San Francisco Bulletin_, May 14, 1913; p.14/2-3;
'Photographs Excavated From Catacombs of Sport, No. 110--Buck Ewing':
  "William Buckingham Ewing--the name sounds like that of some premier
of a king's cabinet.  William Buckingham Ewing was a premier hard
enough, but not of a court.  William Buckingham Ewing was the premier
backstop of his day and generation. ..."

---Gerald Cohen

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