Pizzas (in Vilnius, Lithuania)

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Sun Jun 10 22:56:45 UTC 2001

WHAT! A "Caruso" with no chicken liver? No wonder dictionaries don't
give a whack about pizza labels in Vilnius.

I have to say that hearing of Italian food in Eastern Europe takes me
back many years (watch out! old codger story coming!). After more
than a year in Poznan in 1972-3 (western Poland for the
geographcially challenged) and not much in the way of "international
fare" (which bothered others more than me, I must say), a Bar Piccolo
opened in the Old Town square. All Poznaniaks rushed there and were
treated to "Spaghetti Italiana" - a big plate ot spaghetti, topped
with tomato sauce (local canned variety of course), but with a large
keilbasa placed artistically on the top.

Taaaaaaka ladnia (y smaczny tesz)!


>    In the last post, I meant "venture philanthropy" instead of (in
>the topic line) "vulture philanthropy."  Slight difference.
>    I walked around Vilnius, and there's not much to the cuisine
>here.  This is from "Cili" pizza (, the English part of
>the menu:
>AFFAMATA--tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, eggs, onion, pickled cucumbers
>QUOTIDIANA--tomato sauce, cheese, salami, tomato, mozzarella cheese
>MAFIA (spicy)--tomato sauce, cheese, ground meat, piripiri, onion,
>pepperoni, canned onion, chilli pepper
>(OED for mafia?  I've seen this in several countries now--ed.)
>AMIGO--tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, ground meat, canned paprika,
>tender cactus
>ROMEO--tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pork fillet, "Bernaise" sauce
>CIAO-CIAO--tomato sauce, cheese, beef fillet, mushrooms, "Bernaise" sauce
>ITALIA--tomato sauce, cheese, ham, beef fillet, onion
>CHIQUITA--tomato sauce, cheese, chicken fillet, pineapple
>CARUSO--tomato sauce, cheese, smoked beef, ground meat, onion, black
>olives, cheese sauce
>ACAPULCO--tomato sauce, cheese, beef fillet, garlic, mixed taco
>spices, onion, taco sauce, mushrooms, chilli pepper

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