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Wed Jun 13 21:31:42 UTC 2001

   Greetings from Riga, Latvia...The last city should have been spelled "Klaipeda."

   Amber is big here.  There are some legends, but no other slang or proverbs that I could find.

   I haven't seen very many good books to cite--the best stuff is on the web.  Type into Google/Deja the country name with "cooking" or "cuisine" or  "saying" or "proverb."


BALTIC PROVERBS (from the internet)
"The world belongs to the brave."--Latvian
"And that is where the dog is buried."--Latvian
"One is talking about tweezers and the other about elephants."--Latvian
"Even a blind chicken pecks a seed now and then."--Latvian
"A smiling face is half the meal."--Latvian
"Children can only talk when chickens pee."--Estonian
"A chicken that crosses the road among the cars without fear dies without honor."--Estonian
"Some are tomatoes, some are radishes."--Lithuanian
"Don't praise the day before evening."--Lithuanian
"Every Lithuanian hopes his neighbor's horse dies."--Lithuanian

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