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Jeffrey William McKeough jwm at URSOLARIS.SPDCC.COM
Thu Jun 14 20:51:17 UTC 2001

Jonathon Green wrote:
>Not all of them, I assure you. And while I can't offer a citation to prove
>it (best so far is from 1995), I would suggest that 'bad hair day' was not a
>coinage of Helen Fielding's (the creator of BJ - who in fairness was
>actually quite amusing for the first few columns in the [London]
>Independent). Any suggestions as to a specific date of coinage would be
>gratefully received.

One day in when I was in college (UMass Amherst) my friend Kelly
didn't leave her room because she was having a bad hair day.  She
graduated in 1992, so it couldn't have been later than May of that

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