Where is the "head shop"?

Jonathon Green slang at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Sat Jun 16 09:15:46 UTC 2001

For what it's worth I do have 'head shop' in my Cassell Dictionary of Slang
(1998). This obviously isn't the earliest cit. but Cyra Mcfadden offers 'The
back of a remodelled ark he shared with a head shop' in The Serial (1977).
The first such shop was San Francisco's Psychedelic Shop, opened Jan. 1966
near the corner of Haight and Ashbury by the brothers Jay & Ron Thelin.(see
Lee & Shlain 'Acid Dreams' (1992) p.148). Whether they referred to it as a
'head shop' I don't know, although it obviously had all the qualifcations of
such an emporium - smoking paraphernalia, drug-related literature, paisley
frabics, imported bells, psychedelic posters, a community bulletin board,
and so on. A quoted interview has one Thelin fantasising rather
anachronistically of launching a chain of 'fine _tea_  shops with big jars
of fine marijuana' etc. [my emphasis]. I have it in my head that there was
also an actual, thus-named Head Shop but whether in New York or possibly
London I cannot, frustratingly, recall.

Jonathon Green

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