Estonian Food and Drink

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   Greetings from Tallinn, where I really hate this keyboard.  I go to St. Petersburg tonight by train.


   This was sold at many places.  For this and other drinks, go to:


   Kama is the Estonian national dessert.  It is not in the OED.
   It is also not generally available--people here eat at McDonald's or Hesburger.


   From CITY PAPER, May/June 2001, pg. 37, col. 1:

_Leib_, or black bread.  Estonians don't horse around about their _lieb_.  It's almost taken on a sacred quality.  So prized is it, meat can be seen by Estonians as merely "something to go with the bread."
_Kartulid_, or potatoes, are part and parcel or virtually all genuine Estonian meals.
(Col. 2--ed.)
_Kotlet_, a hamburger patty laden with onions.
_Verivorst_/blood sausage.  An acquired taste, to say the least.
_Sult_/jellied meat.  Like with Scottish _haggis_, it's probably better if you don't know what's in it (One hint: pigs feet).
_Kohupim_, cottage cheese-like product, frequently used in cakes and pastries.
_Kringel_ is a sweet German-style bread knotted and sprinkled with nuts and raisins.  A standard at Estonian birthdays.  (For a recipe for Kringel, see the _Cook Book_ section at

by Silvia Kalvik
Perioodika Publishers, Tallinn
103 pages
1987 in English

Pg. 41:  Bee Soup.
Pg. 42:  Tuesday Soup.
Pg. 92:  Potatoes 'Killatuhlid'



MAFIOSO--salomi, ham, onions, prawns, chili
OPERA--tuna fish, ham, cheese, tomato sauce

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