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GSCole gscole at ARK.SHIP.EDU
Mon Jun 18 18:37:47 UTC 2001

Although I do not frequent nor search for such sites, today a student
noted that 'pr0n' is often used in communications about both pornography
and porn sites.  Apparently, the usage is an intent to avoid filters on
corporate or school communications sites.  Of course, the filters could
be modified to search for any spelling whatever, so the actual purpose
of the spelling is not apparent to me.

In a search on: p0rn, pr0n, and pron, an ample listing of porn sites
will be presented.  At what point would those spellings, if ever,
deserve a dictionary listing?  Are there any general rules?  Would they
even reach slang status?

For that matter, are the spellings noted above of the same order as is
the relationship between lite/light?

Just wondering, and welcome to receiving any commentary, including that
of the "don't waste our bandwidth" sort.

George Cole   gscole at ark.ship.edu
Shippensburg University

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