David M. Robertson dmsnake at USIT.NET
Tue Jun 19 01:39:13 UTC 2001

Dennis R. Preston wrote:

> Hardly. A buttercup is a crowfoot, and, botanically, daffodils and
> jonquils are both narcissuses (or, for the high-falutin' narcissi,
> not -ae).
> But I know lots of green-thumbers who will regularly refer to some
> plants as narcissuses and others (in contrast) as daffodils.

Somehow it is ingrained in me that daffodils and jonquils are subsets of
narcissi. Any bulb with a yellow bloom that has both "rays" and a "horn"
(terminology of my own devising) is a narcissus. A narcissus whose bloom
is uniformly bright yellow is a daffodil. A narcissus whose bloom has pale
yellow "rays" and a darker/brighter yellow "horn" is a jonquil.

And Dennis is in line with my thinking that a buttercup is a totally
different flower from narcissus/daffodil/jonquil.


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