St. Petersburg's "Soviet Cuisine"

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   From WHERE/ST. PETERSBURG, May-June 2001, pg. 30:

_A Sentimental Journey_
_Around Soviet Cuisine_

(Col. 2--ed.)
   If you asked Soviet citizens of that time for their favourite dish, you would certainly get a number of quite different answeres: in Moscow, it would be borshch and blinys; in St. Petersburg--ukha (fish soup) and smelts; in Kiev--kulebyaka; in Minsk--potato dumplings and roast pork; in Yakutsk--horsemeat rissoles; in Samarkand--lamb pilaff; in Riga--milk soup with pearl (Col. 3--ed.) barley; in Tbilisi--chickn chakhokhbili; in Yerevan--shashlik on skweres.

(Pg. 31, col. 2--ed.)
(...)  ...sturgeon in Baze with a walnut sauce, roast sucking-pig, kuchi-machi (beef pluck with onions and spices), lobio, pkhali, the celebrated Georgian soup "kharcho", chanakhi (lamb with vegetables)(Pg. 32, col. 1--ed.),chkmeruli (chicken in garlic sauce, fried in a clay pan), chizhi, pizhi (minced meat with spices), odzha-khuri on ketsi (home-style brisket) and, of course, khachpuri and mchadi (OED?--ed.) with cheese (a flat maize cake, available only at "Bagrationi").
   The menu features all the dishes that are the pride of Georgian cuisine--khinkali, tolma (vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice), various types of shashlik, grilled lamb, meat Adzhar-style, Georgian kharcho (mutton soup), piti (pea soup with mutton), odzhakhuri (braised pork with potatoes) and a great deal more.

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