Matzoth Balls (1937); Pitted Prunes; Lahmajun

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Tue Jun 19 20:49:09 UTC 2001

> However, how come the revised entry is "*matzo balls" (for 1950)
> under both "matzo" and "matzah" entries?  Also, the search button
> takes you to "matzah," where there's "[1846]" and then 1950, without
> the 1917 citation.

It depends what you search for. The revised entry is "matzo", and
if you search for "matzo" or "matzo ball" you'll be taken to the
fully revised entry. If you search for "matzah", you'll be brought
to the original entry, which will show the 1950 cite as being the
earliest, though the presence of the "later" button will show you
that there is a revised entry.

As for the presence of the "*" in the 1950 cite in the revised
version, it's a mistake; someone forgot to move the asterisk to
the 1917 cite when it was found. It will be corrected.

Jesse Sheidlower

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