hand trucks vs dollies

David M. Robertson dmsnake at USIT.NET
Wed Jun 20 02:30:19 UTC 2001

As if we need one more person confirming the majority view....

While I was in school I worked a couple of summers (1966 and 1967, i think) in
a warehouse. The terms we used:

"two-wheeler" - the L-shaped thing used for carrying something vertically (or
nearly so)

"hand truck" - (1) same as a two-wheeler, (2) a larger version of a two-wheeler
with auxiliary wheels near the tops of the handles, allowing horizontal use
with a heavy load over a long flat course

"drum cradle" or "drum mover" - a two-wheeler specially shaped to accomodate a
cylindrical load, like a 55-gallon drum

"dolly" - a low four-wheeled flatbed cart, with or without a frame handle at
one end

"float" - (like a float in a parade?) - a large dolly, either with four wheels,
or with six wheels (not all in the same plane, so that only the middle pair and
one of the end pairs was on the floor at the same time, depending on load
distribution and direction of travel)



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