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Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Jun 20 03:37:45 UTC 2001

>... (2) Korean phonetics does not favor this equivalence ...

Addendum: I'm still ignorant, but I searched a few Korean-language Web
pages. I find the English "same same" unambiguously written in hangul only
once -- as "ssaem ssaem" (in standard transliteration from Korean, with
"ae" similar to the IPA "æ"). I find two additional instances of English
"same" unambiguously written in hangul as "se im" (2 syllables) ["ss" and
"s" are distinct consonants in Korean]. I do not find any "se mo" or "sse
mu" or anything similar; unlike Japanese (or Spanish), Korean is friendly
to terminal /m/.

-- Doug Wilson

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