Duke's Ruins Cake & more

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Wed Jun 20 15:57:03 UTC 2001

DUKE'S RUINS CAKE--at www.grand-hotel-europe/MezzanineCafe/Promotions.htm.  I haven't seen this anywhere else.

GRAND EUROPE--lemonade, orange, lime and lemon juice, grenadine
RUSSIAN KIR ROYAL--Russian Mousseaux, Creme de Cassis

   MAMA ROMA (Itlaian restaurant) drinks:
ROMANTIC NIGHT--Compari, tonic
TENDER COVER--Amaretto, orange juice
BELOW 40 (degrees)--Vodka, Schweppes
VISAVI--Galliano, orange juice, curasao
BLACK RUSSIAN--Vodka, kahlua
WHITE RUSSIAN--Vodka, kahlua, milk
BARMAN'S SPERM--Cointreau, sambuca, carolans

   MARSTALL (a bar) drinks:
FINNISH VIRGIN--rum, coconut syrup, banana syrup, pineapple juice, cream
GSM (their mobile phone thing)--triple sec, vodka, lemon juice
PT-PAGE--martini bitter, vodka, orange juice
QUICK WEB--triple sec, curacao, marakuya syrup

POTATO ("SECOND BREAD")--my tour guide of Peterhof Palace (CROWDED!!) said that the potato was introduced to Russia during Peter's reign, and it was called the "second bread."

OTTOMAN/DIVAN--a room at the Peterhof Palace is known as the Divan Room.  OED has 1702 for "divan."  Queen Catherine introduced it during the 1700s, and my tour guide called it an "ottoman."  OED has "ottoman" from 1806.  Check this thing out (on the web? in books?).  Is it an ottoman?  Was it called an ottoman?

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