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Mark A. Mandel Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Fri Jun 22 14:50:20 UTC 2001

Ron Butters asked me:

In a message dated 6/20/2001 10:39:36 AM, Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM writes:

<< Deleted unread. I don't have time to deal with this sort of nonsense >>

Just out of curiosity, what are you talking about? Have you decided that
ADS-L is all nonsense? Since I don't get the digest, I'm not sure what you
are referring to. If you don't want to get it, why don't you just stop
getting it?

It was a digest that consisted, in its entirety, of a MIME attachment and a
message saying something like "Could not expand MIME attachment; out of
disk space". I thought that that error message had been included in my
post. (Pause to check.) Yes, the last-but-one digest in my inbox contains
my post, and this appears after my signature:

Automatic digest processor <LISTSERV at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU> on
06/20/2001 12:04:46 AM

Please respond to American Dialect Society <ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>

Sent by:  American Dialect Society <ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>

To:   Recipients of ADS-L digests <ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
Subject:  ADS-L Digest - 18 Jun 2001 to 19 Jun 2001 (#2001-171)

[MIME content for this item is stored in attachment $RFC822.eml.  Parsing
MIME content failed: Insufficient disk space.]

I certainly do NOT think that ADS-L is all nonsense (just enough of it! ;-)
\  ). I value this list and mean to stay with it. Ron, did your copy of my
post include this quote?

-- Mark A. Mandel

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