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 Beverly Olson Flanigan writes:
>The paw paw is not a flower, ..........<
Well, yes and no.  There is a flower, of course, that precedes the fruit.
In fact, one of the three  species is called the "bigflower pawpaw."
Peterson's field guide to eastern trees describes the flower of the "common
pawpaw" as more than 1 inch across and purple in color, but doesn't show it
on either of the plates.
A. Murie

<..........though; it's a native Appalachian fruit tree,
>with a mushy pear-sized fruit.    Albany, Ohio (8 miles from Athens) has
>the World's First (and presumably only) Paw-Paw Festival, featuring paw-paw
>jams and jellies, smoothies, and bread (a bit like zucchini or banana
>bread).  Good stuff, when sweetened!
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