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>Subject:      Web Sites
>1.  getCITED
>This site is an ambitious project to facilitate searches for book chapters,
>working papers, conference papers, and other types of publications and
>academic research not commonly indexed. The project is off to a running
>start with over 315,000 identities and 3,250,000 publications indexed, but
>the site creators are requesting the cooperation of "the entire academic
>community." Scholars are encouraged to register with the site (for free) and
>enter in the details of their publications. Anyone may search the database
>for publications, identities, institutions, or departments, but only
>registered members may add or edit content. A free database created solely
>by and for researchers and scholars is an attractive idea and deserves
>support. It must be noted, however, that like so many other free online
>services, getCITED is searching for advertisers and sponsors and does not
>appear to have long-term guaranteed funding. A strong showing of support and
>interest from the academic community may make this task easier. [MD]

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