Tortilla Chips, Corn Bubbles, Cherry Cheese Cake & other Fests

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   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 31 March 1938, pg. 18, col. 7:

   TORTILLA CHIPS--Texas has borrowed a food idea from Mexico, and today presents New York with the tortilla chip.  We have other corn chips that are similar, but this was the specialty sold by bushels at the Texas centennial.  Delicious with all kinds of drinks.  Or put them into menus.  A booklet of recipes suggests their use in casseroles, stuffed into tomatoes, used in rarebit, in hot tamale pie, in chicken stuffing, in tuna fish salad: Good, these chips, 100 percent corn, crisp, slightly salty, tasting like the best popcorn ever popped.

(WAS NEW YORK EVER WITHOUT DORITOS??..."Tortilla chip" is not in the OED--ed.)


   These, I guess, would be your Cheese Doodles.
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 24 March 1938, pg. 14, col. 6:

   CORN BUBBLES--Cheese toasted corn bubbles are popcorn-like bits of tastiness, only not popcorn, much puffier and made irresistible by a light spraying of old English cheese.  The two and one-half ounce package, a chain-store offer, 13 cents.


   I previously posted the Chocolate Cheese Cake.
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 19 February 1938, pg. 14, col. 7:

_Cherry Cheese Cake Offered_
   _For Patriotic Birthday Menus_
   Yawning ovens of a midtown food shop are receiving row upon row of cherry cheese cakes in preparation for Washington's Birthday.  Here is the town's most talked about cheese cake, the one that goes important places by boat and by plane in a special box that keeps its shape intact.


SNACKFEST--NYHT, 4 February 1938, pg. 16, col. 7.

SNAILFEST--NYHT, 29 March 1938, pg. 18, col. 7.

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