Vegan prescriptivism

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Thanks for this, but I'm a little confused:

--On Friday, June 29, 2001 9:12 am -0400 "Douglas G. Wilson"
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> Referring to stocks, etc.: e.g.:

The first of these has 'cats and dogs' being speculative securities.  The
second two have 'dogs and cats'.   I know so little about the stock market
that I can't tell whether the two terms mean the same thing.  Is one of
these preferred (cats and dogs, dogs and cats)?  Are they interchangeable?
Do the 'cat' and 'dog' metaphorically refer to anything (i.e., are they two
types of speculative securities being referred to together)?

> When "ga" is (unusually) pronounced with "soft 'g'" (/dZ/), is some
> special semantic baggage conveyed? Consider "margarine", "veganism",
> "gaol". (^_^)

A little confused by this, too, since I've never heard 'veganism'
pronounced with a soft 'g'!


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