Second Acting

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Sat Jun 30 11:00:13 UTC 2001

   From the NEW YORK OBSERVER, July 2-9, 2001, pg. 15, col. 2:

_George, Ira and Mel--_Sssh!__
_The Secret Art of "Second Acting"_
   When I confess to you what happened next, you will scarcely believe that a fellow in my exalted position would even contemplate it, let alone stoop to such a thing.  But there's a long and honorable tradition in theatergoing known as "second acting."  You "second act" by mingling innocently with the audience as it returns for Act II after the intermission, thereby seeing the rest of the show for free.  Actors and other impoverished fanatics have been doing it for years.  There are people who've "second acted" _The Phantom of the Opera_ and don't even know why he's wearing a mask.  And there's usually a good empty seat available at most theaters, or even a box.  But they can spot you in a box.
   "How can they possibly top the first act?"  I heard myself confiding excitedly to no one (Col. 3--ed.) in particular as I mingled with the audience returning for the second act of _The Producers_.  Thank goodness I noticed I was still carrying my _Playbill_ for _George Gershwin Alone_ or the jig would have been up.

(Me, I just love these professional tips on how to break the law in New York City--ed.)

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