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Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue May 1 02:53:10 UTC 2001

   A colleague of mine has just written a book (about to appear), and
I now draw it to the attention of anyone who might be interested:

Gregory Stratman. _Speaking For Howells_. University Press of America.

Paperback edition: 0-7618-2014-0, $27.50 minus 20% discount for
pre-publication orders only.

Clothbound edition: 0-7618-2013-2, $47.00 minus 30% discount for
pre-publication orders only.

Pre-publication orders can be placed by calling UPA Customer Service at
    William Dean Howells (1837-1920) was the "dean" of American
realism.  He was a novelist, poet, dramatist, essayist, and editor.
He was the first to strongly advocate realism in literature,
including the realistic depiction of language in fiction.  He played
a strong role in opening up the opportunities of publication to
non-New Englanders, such as Mark Twain.
     This work helps to illustrate how literary dialect came to be an
important element in the craft of fiction.
   If anyone would like further information on the book, just send
Professor Stratman an e-mail (strat at

---Gerald Cohen
University of Missouri-Rolla

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