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Wed May 2 11:32:32 UTC 2001

Alive and well in the White House again, you mean; Jimmy Carter was
also a 'nucular' speaker (although I reckon he had a better idea of
what 'nucular' meant since he drove subs powered by it).


>>Not "modern English"?  "Yonder" is still common here in Appalachia (though
>>"yon" is not).
>Sorry; no offense meant.   It seems quaint in Bicoastalia.
>And speaking of quaint, did anyone notice that "nucular" is alive and
>well in the White House?  President Bush, in announcing his missile
>shield policy, must have said "nuclear" seven or eight times during
>speeches excerpted on the PBS Lehrer News Hour, and each time it was
>"nucular".  I wonder if Safire will notice.

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