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John Baker notes:

        And, of course, there is Gilbert's use of "mother-in-law elect" in
The Mikado (1885).

I was sure I remembered that, too, but all I could find was
"daughter-in-law elect". Here's the beginning of the song that uses the
phrase (found at ):

                      DUET--MIKADO and KATISHA.

MIK.           From every kind of man
                    Obedience I expect;
               I'm the Emperor of Japan--

KAT.           And I'm his daughter-in-law elect!
                    He'll marry his son
                    (He's only got one)
               To his daughter-in-law elect!

MIK.           My morals have been declared
                    Particularly correct;

KAT.           But they're nothing at all, compared
                    With those of his daughter-in-law elect!
                    To his daughter-in-law elect!

ALL.                     Bow--Bow--
                    To his daughter-in-law elect.

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