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Here's a comment on Barry's message about Uzbekistan, from a friend who
lived in the area for a year:

>Subject: Re: Fwd: Bukhara carpets
>... I would tell him to steer clear of Tadjikistan; there's a nasty civil
>war which has been going on for several years. Barf is everywhere, nothing
>new. The Bukhara is a specific style of carpet. I've got a little one.
>It's the most common one in Uzbekistan, red with an oval medallion-like
>pattern.  But there are about five other types identified by the tribes
>who make them. We have one made by the Pekins, something like that. It's
>only Americans who label them all as Bukhara.
>Too bad he doesn't notice the people. The Uzbeks are gorgeous and
>incredibly nice. They've got such a controlling government, and yet remain
>pretty good-natured about all the bureaucratic bull. I think it was there
>that the government took over the servers to censure use of the
>Internet.  They've also recreated history to make Tamerlane, a nasty piece
>of work, into a benevolent folk hero.  There's a museum in Tashkent. Has
>he reported from there?
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>>This idiot is still traveling....
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>>>    Greetings from ancient, historic Bukhara.  The computers in
>>> Uzbekistan, when you can find then, are slow.
>>>    Tajikistan is off limits to Americans, but a traveling companion
>>> who's been to 200-plus countries said we're going there, even if we
>>> have to stick our toes in and then turn around.
>>>BUKHARA CARPETS--Famous the world over, but they really come from
>>>WHITE GOLD--Cotton.
>>>BLUE GOLD--Gas.
>>>SOFT GOLD--Silk.

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