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   Greetings from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan--a country that looks like it should buy a vowel.
   The OED numbers are pathetic:

Kyrgyzstan--0 hits
Kyrghyzstan--0 hits
Kyrgyz (Republic)--0 hits
Kyrghyz (Republic)--0 hits

   Yes, that's right.  Nothing at all!  Doesn't even exist!


   MANOS is the hero of the national epic poem of Kyrgyzstan.  It supposedly is the world's longest epic poem.
   MANASCHI are the storytellers of this epic poem.

by Lin Jingyuen
Babushka & Baike Books, Bishkek

Pg. 65:
_Beshbarmak_ ("five fingers" in Kyrgyz) is mutton-on-the bone stewed in broth. (...)

Pg. 66:
_Ganfan_, a Dungan dish, is cooked cut meat and vegetables over rice.
_Harshan_ is deep-fried puffy dough with meat filling. (...)
_Lagman_ is noodles, mutton and assorted vegetables in broth.
_Lepyoshka_ is Russian for round flat bread baked in a tandoor, a clay oven. (...)
_Manti_ is steamed dumplings filled with meat. (...)
_Naan_ is Kyrgyz for round flat bread baked in a tandoor.
_Pelmeni_ is, depending on your culinary bent, either Russian ravioli or Russian wonton served in broth.
_Plov_ is Uzbek rice pilaf. (...)
_Samsa_ is a baked meat dumpling...

Pg. 67:
_Shorpo_ is _lagman_ minus the noodles.
_Airan_ (in Kyrgyz), also called _kefir_ (in Russian), resembles yogurt.
_Arak_ is Kyrgyz for wodka.
_Bozo_ is a Kyrgyz wheat and millet-fermented drink with a slight alcoholic punch.
_Kvas_ is Russian watered-down homemade beer.
_Kymys_ is fermented mare's milk and is an acquired taste.
_Maksym_ is a thick wheat-based drink that Kyrgyz like to drink in the summer.  _Shoro_ is a brand name of _maksym_.
_Samogon_, Russian for moonshine, is sold clandestinely from many kiosks.

Pg. 218:
   Among the sweet treats, get the _kartoshka_ (potato in English), a nickname for the oval confection of chocolate and butter.

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