Uzbek Proverbs, Drinks

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Fri May 11 15:18:00 UTC 2001

UZBEK PROVERBS (continued)

   My tour guide gave me these before I left the country:

House with children is a bazaar; childless house is mazar (cemetery).

Gold will remain gold forever.

Measure seven times, then cut.

Don't take gold, take blessing.

What old people know, even angels don't know.

Who has specialty always will win.

Those who can't count money never will be rich.

To the stupid, help doesn't give rest to his feet.

After dinner, walk a mile; after lunch, sleep awhile.

Have breakfast yourself.
Share lunch with your friend.
Give dinner to your enemy.


   I walked to the Hotel Intercontental, and that hotel didn't have these cocktail names.

TASHKENT TANGO ($19)--Creamy peach and tequila...
SAMARKAND SMILE ($14)--Tangy and fresh vodka lemonade...
KHIVA KICKER ($14)(It's HEEVA!  This doesn't work!  And who pays this much for a drink?--ed.)--Hot and spicy...
BUKHARA'S BOUNTY ($11)--A refreshing non-alcoholic drink...
MOCHA MADNESS ($19)--Chocolate Espresso, coffee liqueur and milk whipped into a Silk Road for the palate.

(Off tomorrow for a yurt!)

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